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Advanced Hydro Ltd distributes the revolutionary Titanium Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

The Titanium AOP represents a leap forward in water sterilisation technology.

The AOP System offers to a variety of industrial and commercial sectors clean, efficient and cost effective water disinfection.

In essence the Titanium AOP provides less expensive, more effective, cleaner, greener water treatment.


Sellafield AOP System Approach Build Completion, on 12-2012:

The Frame Mounted AOP 100 Units destined for Sellafield are near completion.  Pump Engineering have assembled the units in partnbership with Brightwater Environmental Services. Installation at Sellafield is expected early in the new year.

AOP Units Cleans Up Hospital Water, on 12-2012:

An NHS Hospital in the Midlands has installed an AOP system on its mains water supply.  The unit was installed as a replacement of a Chlorine DIoxide unit which prove inherently unreliable.  The Hosptial commission a bio-survey to assess the performance of the new AOP unit.  The results have been staggering, reducing a colony counts from over 1000 to single digits. 

AOP Disinfects Cold Storage Cooling Tower, on 12-2012:

Norish PLC have concluded trials and installed AOP technology to disinfect the cooling tower at one of their 8 Sites.  The expected payback for the systems is less than 2 years as it removes the need for biocides.  Hence Norish hope to roll out this tehnology to their other sites  in the near future.

Local authority invests in AOP Technology for cooling tower disinfection, on 2011-05:

One of the largest local authorities in the country has purchased an AOP unit to treat its cooling tower.The council believes that the AOP system will remove the need for chemical biocides and save over £4000 pa yielding a payback of less than one-year.

Sellafied Orders AOP Units to Disinfect Site Cooling Towers, on 2011-09:

Sellafield Reprocessing Plant has ordered for 4 AOP 100 Units to control legionella in two of their main cooling towers.The AOP system was recognised as being the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally beneficial technology available.


Mission Statement

“To provide cost effective environmental solutions to industry”

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