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Water Softeners

A cost effective way to overcome hardwater problems is to remove the dissolved mineral salts from the water by exchanging them with salts of higher solubility which do not form scale. This is achieved by using a fully automatic water softener.

Advanced Hydro offer a range of both Simplex and Duplex Water Softeners

Simplex Softeners

Simplex water softeners are best suited to steady demand applications up to moderate capacities. Regeneration is programmed to occur during low water usage periods - typically 2 am.

During the regeneration cycle, simplex systems will normally bypass hard water to service to maintain supply unless otherwise specified. Generally, simplex softeners will need to be sized to give at least one days supply of softened water output before regeneration.

These types of softeners are very reliable and give many years service with minimal
maintenance. They are therefore extremely cost


Duplex Softeners

Duplex softeners function in a similar way to simplex units, but offer continuous softened water. They consist of two resin columns, one in service and the second on standby.

One column is regenerated while the other is in service. The metered flow controls the switch over between the two column providing and uninterrupted flow of softened water.

Duplex softeners are therefore ideal for sites with large variations in water demand or for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of soft water is essential.

Due to the ability to change columns only as required, it is possible to minimize salt usage.

Advanced Hydro offer a range of both Simplex and Duplex Water Softeners

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